Monday, April 9, 2007

1AM in Tagaytay

Well, guess what?

The five days of non-work wasn't a total loss.

I brought home some work (very minor ones - resizing and retouching oh photos for the online newsletter, writing of some articles, writing of some photo captions) and I did get to declutter my room. Pack rat that I am, I have papers that date all the way back to my freshman year in college(!!!). Yes, that was like about a decade ago. I don't know why I keep those papers, but I sometimes get the feeling that it might be of some use to me in the future. Hehehe!

Anyway, yesterday I was able to do something that erased the word "Loser" stamped on my forehead. Hehehe! I went to Tagaytay to visit two friends I haven't seen for the longest time, Romil and Sean. Dragged to Tagaytay were two friends who also didn't have anything planned for the loooong weekend - Thea and Ella. Hehehe!

We met up at the grand Mall of Asia after lunch and spent a good two hours going around the mall. Augh! I was happy that I was able to save last Thursday and Friday since I was just home, but it ended up to be useless because the two hours spent at the mall resulted in the purchase of three movies, some stuff from Marks & Spencer, and of course, dining. Hahahaha!

From Mall of Asia, we began our drive to Tagaytay. I always enjoy hanging out with Thea and Ella because the three of us just really click because of our craziness. Hehe!

Unsurprisingly, the drive was fast. We were knocking at the Sean and Romil's home before seven. Two of Romil's friends were also there, so it turned out to be an interesting night. After enjoying a dinner of grilled baby back ribs, tilapia in coconut sauce and chicken adobo, we all headed out to the verandah and continued several hours of laughter and talking, while having coffee and cake.

While the hosts were kind enough to ask us to stay for the night, we needed to get home. So by three in the morning, we bid everyone goodbye and headed back to Manila.

Gawd! I don't remember the last time I was out till three in the morning. I enjoyed the short out of town trip very much. I loved it that though it was a road trip, it wasn't that stressful because everything was light and casual. No noise and unrestrained wild party behavior (although that could have also been fun since I haven't gone clubbing in awhile.)

Oh well, I hope you had a good long weekend too.

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  1. sounds like a great weekend!

    Yeah , I still keep my freshman papers around, thinking they'll be useful sometime. They never do ! hahah ...