Monday, April 16, 2007

OsMOSSis at the Conspiracy...

Last night Carlo Pogi and I went to Conspiracy Bar in faraway Quezon City.

The last time I was there, it was with the ex and three of his friends. The ex's favorite performer Cynthia Alexander had a gig at the said bar, and so we decided to go.

Anyway, last night Cynthia Alexander performed again at Conspiracy. But that wasn't the reason why I went there with Carlo. Contemporary artist Jason Moss had some works on display, and he invited Carlo to see the exhibit.

Well, we thought Jason's works were on display but when we got there, the exhibit was more of a tribute to him. The exhibit's entitled OsMOSSis: 15 Years of Jason Moss Through the Eyes of Friends. I thought it was a nice exhibit because the works on display were of mixed media - oil paintings, prints, sculptures, among others. The artists featured include Manny Garibay, Ronald Ventura, Robert Alejandro, Kiri Dalena, Cynthia Alexander, and Marcel Antonio.

The works were unique and admirable, my favorite piece was Robert Alejandro's. It was a watercolor (I think) of a guy that was writing or drawing, and it had the name Jason. Uhm, I liked it because the drawing was simple, because it was a guy writing so I could relate to it, but I wish that it was my name that was written. Hahaha!

After admiring the exhibit, Carlo and I hung out for about an hour and just had our usual enjoyable dialogues. We were both distracted however when someone arrived. I will write about this because that someone deserves a separate entry. Hahaha!

Then, just when people were starting to arrive for Cynthia's performance, Carlo and I decided to call it a night. It was nice, peaceful Saturday evening.


  1. Hmmm, I probably need a little more convincing.


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