Friday, April 13, 2007

Some Poetry For Y ou...

There was a period in my life right after college when I was going through a poetry phase.

Thinking of the right words that went together and rhymed was easy, and I was inspired to write a poem even after having been given one line to start the poem.

There was one time when the ex and I were attending a poetry reading night together with Carlo Pogi and I was able to come up with a beautiful poem (at least, for me) dedicated to the ex. I should look for that poem.

That was several years ago.

Recently, I found myself writing some poetry again. The motivation, again, was people. Uhm, the first poem I wrote this year was dedicated to someone I thought I liked but I never had the guts to ask the person out. Instead, I send a bouquet and a poem anonymously.

Last week, I wrote another poem. This time, it was dedicated to a very special lady - Joy, my manager. She's decided to bid us goodbye so she can become a full-time mother. I have only worked with her for a year, but I really love her because I have learned so much from her and she inspires me.

I would definitely miss her.

Here is the poem written for TBLBITW (or so I thought):
Just when I have given up on love
Just when I thought it wasn’t for me
Life throws me a surprise
The BLB in the world I meet
Putting the smile back on my sullen face
Making me believe in love again
Bringing back light into my days
Causing my heart to beat again
Beautiful you are
An inch or two taller
With a mind never ceasing to amaze me
A voice soothing like no other
Now that you are here
I pray you would stay
Without you I fear
How I would get through each day
For I do not want to live life alone again
And bathe in misery and sadness
I do not want tears to roll down my cheeks again
Now that I have found happiness
For the short time I have known you
I have grown deeply attached to you
And though this may sound cheesy to you
I just have to say I have fallen for you

Here is the poem for my manager, Joy:

Today is really an unlucky day
For our friend Joy is going away
She's been with us for about five years
And as she leaves, our eyes have tears
And though she's about to say goodbye
There is no need to ask her why
She's trading in the papers to change Lilo's diapers
She's trading in the stress to finally wear a dress
She's trading in the men to be with her man
Thanks for all the collaterals you've made
Your hard work and efforts are debts to be paid
Who knows when we'll see you again
We don't know where, we don't know when
Hopefully you'll come back,
But if not, we wish you "Joy and Best of Luck!"

I don't know if it's safe to post the other recently written poem. Hehe! Maybe after a year.

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