Monday, April 16, 2007

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy...

So here's the separate entry on that someone from Conspiracy Bar.

I have read or heard on so many occasions already, be it in the movies or on the pages of a book, about a person so beautiful you want to cry just seeing that person.

I thought it was just another exaggeration of a melancholic writer.

Last night, I was proven wrong.

While Carlo and I were engaged in conversation, a guy arrived and Carlo and I just stopped talking and followed the guy with our gaze. He stopped by the foyer where the exhibit was. He put down the case he was bringing, and later on we found out that it was a saxophone case.

Carlo and I resumed our conversation, until we heard the calm but soulful sound of the saxophone and again we both stopped talking. Carlo then said to me, "Look at his profile."

I looked behind my back and saw Saxophone Boy sitting and texting someone.

It was at that moment that I felt like crying because I saw someone so beautiful. I've seen so many good-looking guys already, yeah, but there was something about Saxophone Boy.

It wasn't just because he's really handsome. Maybe it's because he's beautiful in a very simple way. He was just wearing a black vintage shirt, dark blue jeans, black sneakers. His hair was neatly cut. He had a fair complexion, obviously a child of a Pinoy and a foreigner. He had a really beautiful face.

So I face Carlo again and said, "Carlo, my gawd. What they write about wanting to cry upon seeing someone so beautiful is actually true."

My companion didn't need further convincing.

That Saturday night was truly a different one, I should say.


  1. should've taken a picture of him ! haha

  2. haha! i would've but then he might lose the charm if i look at his photo every day. hahaha!