Sunday, April 1, 2007

Now on Skype...

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Hmm, it was only last night that I found out that isn't included in the list of websites that are blocked by our office's Surf Control.

Thanks to Sam and Grace. Hehe!

So before leaving work last night, I downloaded Skype and registered.

Now, the next thing to do is to find out who else among my friends "Skypes?"


  1. personally , I prefer GoogleTalk , because I already have a google account, and the line quality is better too ( cause it's less congested ).

    However, I think more ppl use Skype anyways, so that's a plus.

    Add me ! username: jasonphoon83

  2. ey jason! i found a Skype guy with the user name jasonphoon (but he's located in singapore) so i thought that was you.

    anyway, i will add you.

    haven't tried google talk.

    hay! before there was just YM. now all of these "new" IM programs are popping up. it's getting more and more complicated.