Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Creepy Guy Behind You...

For some reason, there are moments when I seem to be a creepy stalker magnet. )

Seriously, how many times have I been harassed? Onboard the train. In the jeepney. In the public restroom. In church. In the bus (twice, by the same a-hole).

And then, yesterday afternoon it happened again.

Before heading to Starbucks where I planned to cover in plastic some books I've previously bought, I passed by the chapel in Greenbelt as I usually do. After saying my little prayer, I left and started my walk to Starbucks.

That's when I felt that this guy was following me. I took the escalator and unfortunately, there weren't any other people. The guy took one step ahead of me and from the corner of my eye, I saw him give me a head to toe check out. I couldn't look him in the eye and I didn't even see his face, but he was wearing a hoodie, torn jeans, black socks and sandals. I saw him at the chapel but I didn't think he would be creepy.

When I reached the second level, I let him walk ahead of me. He was checking though if I was still behind him. I immediately escaped to the Tower Records store where I planned to get a Hairspray soundtrack.

I thought I lost the guy. Not. The store doors open and in comes creepy guy. So I quickly grabbed the CD, paid for it and made a quick dash for the door without looking back. I quickened my pace and took the stairs to get to the ground level. I started to feel really scared. Every now and then, I would look behind me to see if he was still following me. If he did, I swear I would have gone to security.

Thankfully, I lost him and made it to Starbucks in one piece. But I was feeling a bit nervous the entire time till I went home. I was afraid creepy guy would suddenly show up again.

I keep on wondering what is it that makes these creepy guys follow me. I'm quite sure that when I leave the house there is no "Creepy Guys Follow Me" sign on my forehead. I mean I'm not even gorgeous (Just charming. Hehe! Kidding!) Could it be because I look vulnerable?

And I'm quite sure that this instance and all the previous instances weren't attempts to befriend me. They were blatant pickup attempts. Augh! Some would probably say that I'm overreacting. Uhm, I guess I wouldn't be uncomfortable if I knew that the other person's intentions were harmless (or at least, he could pretend to be harmless).

Haay! Hope your weekend was creepy guy-free.

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  1. whoah , i've never experienced that before. I guess running would be a good idea ...