Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not Too Happy....

With nothing much to do this afternoon, I decided to do something really vain. Tried some of the clothes I haven't worn for quite some time now. And after trying on a couple of my favorites, I knew it was time to lose weight. Augh! While I did manage to button up every shirt, it didn't look good at all. I have to lose weight fast. Or else, those clothes would end up in the closet. I don't think John Varvatos or the Missoni family or the Salt people would be very happy. But more than just wanting to fit into my shirts again, I really have to triim down because first and foremost, I haven't been feeling healthy lately. In my previous job, at least I got to play badminton even if it's just once a week. But with the new job, I still have to find an activity partner. I've been planning to go to this gym nearby but I keep on procrastinating. Haaay! I should just get up and go.

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