Saturday, August 18, 2007

This Week's Friday Five...

Alright, here is this week's Friday 5.

1. What were your after-school hours usually like when you were in high school?
Hmm, in high school, my after-school hours were usually spent at church. Not because I would attend Mass, it was more because I hung out with my friends. (I was an acolyte back then.)

2. What are the first moments like when you finally get home after a long day?
I just want to hit the sack. Or if I'm not too tired, just lie down, listen to soft music, and wait till I fall asleep.

3. Where do your thoughts normally turn after the December/January holidays have passed?
I'm usually full of plans and ideals for the brand new year.

4. When did you last allow someone to cut in front of you in line?
Last Sunday, at church, during communion, which I always do.

5. What are you going to do right after you finish answering these questions?
Fix some office files.

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I'm done. Your turn.

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