Monday, August 20, 2007

Rain and a Nokia E61i...

As I write this entry, I can hear the sound of the heavy rainfall outside. I'm lying on my bed in my pjs, with four pillows and almost bundled up with a soft blanket.

It's been raining since last Wednesday, so it's not really a good idea to go out (unless you want to give yourself a hard time going around the city).

It's really a good idea to just stay home with a cup of hot choco and a good book or in my case, with my new phone that I'm currently loving so much. No more need to get up and go out to check my mail or to blog.

The E61i gets me connected right here, right now. Haha! Sounds like an ad. But I just really love the features of this phone.


  1. it's been raining here the past 2 days too ... on my laundry day ! darnn ...