Thursday, August 9, 2007

What is it?

So we did recently hang out. No, we didn't just hang out. In a parallel world, it would have been a date. But it's not. So what is it? No one really knows. And maybe I should stop trying to understand it or to define it. Since that Starbucks treat eons agon, we've been having this game going.


  1. ahhh the grey area ...

    why is life so confusing ?

  2. yeah, if you find out the answer, let me know, alright. hehehe!

    take care, KL boy from down south!

  3. huy. leche ka, ito ba iyong movie buddy mo nung wednesday? di ka nagkukuwento, puta ka. :P

  4. You went on a date with Quentin Tarrantino?