Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fatherhood Becomes Him...

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Hahaha! This is probably how I'd look like had I turned out meant to be married to a lady. This photo was taken when some friends from my old office visited our colleague who recently gave birth. The "mom" in the photo is my friend, Shy, and we all decided to make the afternoon atmosphere even lighter by posing as a happy couple with their newborn. Hehehe! Seriously though, even if I did have the "marry a girl" gene or whatever, I don't see myself getting married at 27. While most of my classmates have already tied the knot and are living the married life, I don't see myself settling down with someone till I'm probably 35. Wait, actually, I am ready to settle down. But I'm not ready to be a Dad or to live the kind of "married" life that I want. Hehehe!


  1. awww thats sweet .. now I feel like taking that kinda picture too ...

  2. groovetheory: hehehe! i could pull off the "look" though, can't i? hehehe!

    jason: i say "go for it."