Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Let the Shopping Begin...

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Yeah, someone did go shopping over the weekend. Eeep! The scene of the crime was Debenhams at the third level of Edsa Shangri-la. It started with just helping Eden looking for a nice necktie for his friend. Then the next I thing I know we were looking at shirts, kids' clothes, accessories, and other stuff. Charmy arrives and then she joins the shopping brouhaha. But the pillage doesn't end there. We go to the store adjacent to it and make one big kill. Eeep! Alright, you do know that we all got to save a lot because of the ongoing ultra crazy sale. And some shirts that I got were gifts from Eden, since it's sort of Pinoy tradition to bring home gifts when one goes out of the country. If you're wondering if that's a Paul Smith carrier bag, yes it is. Someone will go hungry for months. Hahaha!

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