Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday Agenda...

Went to Gallery Frames to pick up the artworks that should have been picked up months ago. I cringe whenever I remember how much I shelled out to have those Javiers, Chings, Cabreras, and Olazos framed, but seeing how nice they turned out makes me think it was worth it. Now, I just need to paint the other half of my room so the pieces may be hung.

In the afternoon, I met up with Bernice at Gateway Mall where we watched Ratatouille. There's an ongoing Cinemanila Film Festival, which featured Asian indie films, but Bernice wanted to see the cartoon flick. It was a good one. The scene where all the rats were in the kitchen cooking was quite disturbing though because coming from a Third World country, I've seen those rats in the flesh and there's nothing charming about them. Hehe! I did love the Paris landscapes. Gawd, even in cartoons, Paris is so gorgeous. Hehe! I swear I'll visit Europe by the time I'm 30.

After the film, we had Chinese for dinner at Superbowl, followed by coffee and chat at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Also, I helped out make her first Mango purchase. There were four baby doll dress in competition, but in the end, the slightly-puff sleeved, slightly scoop neck, black and white printed piece got Bernice's and my approval. Hehehe! That was really fun.

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