Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ah Seng Duck Rice at Serangoon Gardens...

I'm not really a fan of duck, but I learned of one food stall that sells one of the best braised duck in the whole of Singapore. (Yes, I am that confident. Hehe!)

Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice at the Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre looks just like your usual hakwer center food stall.

But come 11AM until after lunch, a long queue can always be seen.

Luckily, Mr. Lim and I did not have to queue very long last Saturday because we arrived at the food centre quite early. Mr. Lim decided that we should go have duck rice at Serangoon Gardens.

We ordered braised duck, braised pig's ear and egg, and veggies. We also ordered pig organ soup from the neighboring food stall.

It was not difficult to understand why Ah Seng frew to become such a popular braised duck place.

The sauce has just the right saltiness. The duck itself is very tender and chewy, which I really liked. But what I liked about it even more is that the duck has been already deboned.

I must say that the braised duck goes very well with a cup of steamed rice and veggies. Hehe! I would have wanted a second cup of rice, but I managed to control myself. Hehe!

If you plan to go, one obvious tip is to be there early because the queue does get quite long. If you're not going to tapau, the system is queue to order, give your table number and your food will be brought to your table. Quite nice, right?!

I would definitely want to go back and try the other braised items.

On a side note, it's my first time to drive around the Serangoon Gardens area and I have to say it is niiiceee! :D I had to ask Mr. Lim, "Are we still in Singapore?" Hehe! PG Boy describes the area as having a very Aussie feel. I wouldn't know because I've never been to Aus. Hehe!

But seriously, the neighbordhood seems to be a very good one!

Ah Seng Braised Duck Rice
49A Serangoon Garden Way#01-44
Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre
Mon to Sat 11am to 9pm

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