Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sweeet naman...

Mom was finally able to head home today.

I dunno how my brothers did it, but they went to Tey's place to fetch Mom with all her luggage. She arrived in Manila yesterday morning. If I'm not mistaken, that was the time that tropical storm Maring was really starting to pound Manila with her might.

Good thing I was messaging Tey and Monet to check on them and to ask about the weather condition as well. When I told them that Mom was arriving, both of them were quick to offer their places as a temporary shelter.

Really, I am grateful to be blessed with kind-hearted friends.

I dunno how she did it but Mom was able to reach Tey's place in one piece. She stayed the night at the Aragon home. To be honest, I wasn't worried at all because I know that she was in good hands.

This afternoon, I guess Maring went on a break and my brothers were able to fetch Mom and bring her home.

I know that she already reached home because she sent a looooong message via iMessage. LOL! I know that it was her because her message just kept going and going. Bawal mag-paragraph break, Mommy? Hehe!

Anyway, the last part of the message is the one above. Hehe! She's right, I am blessed with good friends. That's one of the things I am always grateful for. And I'm really glad that she was able to meet a few friends who are my family here in Singapore. I was very proud telling her about the success stories of these friends and how they've all helped/inspired me in Singapore.

As for the last part, hahaha! Yeah, there were a number of times that I was grouchy towards Mom. I won't elaborate why but I'm guessing it's quite common. Hehe! Aging, I guess. On my part and not my Mom's. Haha! I would immediately feel guilty though after I get b*itchy. So I did apologise to her.

Hmm, I've yet to post photos and write about Mom's trip to SG and KL. I can say though that I'm glad she was able to go on this trip.

Lord, we have a deal, right? Please naman po and I promise I'll bring her to Cambodge next year. Hehe!


  1. I'm glad your mom is a-okay. :)

    I'm a mama's boy so I can relate to this. There are times na sinusungitan ko si mama para lang i-comfort nya ako. *sigh* I miss my mom.

    1. Thanks, Geosef! :D Yeah, Moms are the best. =)