Sunday, November 17, 2013

Zero guests at the museum, birthday get-together in the evening...

Saturday was a good day.

In the afternoon, I went to NMS for my guiding duty. Around 2 something, it started to rain. Heavy rain. Uh oh. I was wondering whether there will be people who'd be visiting the museum.

When I arrived at the guided tour meeting point, there was no one for the guided tour. There was a group of people but they were there for the Singapore Biennale guided tour. Two couples came. I asked if they were there for the guided tour. They both said no. I went around looking for people, but there was no one who was going to the gallery.

I waited for twenty minutes before deciding that there were no guests. I went to the gallery to see if there were people I could guide but there were very few people. The 2PM group was there and there were just 4 guests. The others had audio companions. So, fail. Haha!

With free time, I just decided to go join my friend's guided tour of the Singapore Biennale pieces on display at the National Museum.

From NMS, I walked to Plaza Singapura to meet up with Mr. Lim, our friend Des and two more friends.

Haven't seen Des in a looong time so I'm glad that he was free to meet up and hang out.

We went to Crystal Jade for steamboat dinner, followed by a movie and capped the night with coffee and dessert at Secret Recipes.

It was definitely a good Saturday! :)

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