Sunday, July 1, 2007

Artsy Friday Night...

Friday evening was spent with Bernice.

Bernice was the one I replaced (and now, I'm being replaced. Hehe!). When I started with this office, I only got to meet her once because she brought me around and introduced me to people. But for some reason, we really hit it off that even when she already found a new job, we kept in touch and got together once in a while, and became friends.

She now works at a developmental organization, and she gets to travel abroad a lot. We tease each other that we actually just traded workplaces. I used to work for a developmental organization too, remember?

Anyway, our Friday night turned out to be an evening of art.

Our first stop was a book launching in UP Diliman. Bernice participated in several writers' workshops, and she needed to meet a friend at the book launch. The launch itself was okay. What I really enjoyed was being back in my old campus. Aaaahhh! There is really something about being in UP. To see the Sunken Garden once again, to take the IKOT jeepney, to feel like a freshman once more because of all the "Mabuhay ang mga bagong Iskolar ng Bayan!" banners. It was really sentimental.

From the world of literary arts, we moved on to the world of visual arts. Since I was going to be in Diliman, I thought I 'd drop by favorite gallery Green Papaya. It's been awhile since I was there and when I texted the curator Peewee if they'd be open, it turns out that they were having an event that night.

When Bernice and I got to the gallery, I was surprised because all the paintings weren't on the walls. Instead, there was some sort of party. Turns out that it was film viewing night. It was cool because Bernice also knew people who were at the party. Uhm, we watched indie short films - Beast of Me by Soni Kum and Riles by Martha Atienza. Afterwards, there was a short discussion.

The last itinerary for the evening was Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at the spanking new mall TriNoMa, which was adjacent to two huge malls - SM North and The Block. I was thinking, "Like we need another mall?!"

Anyway, Bernice and I spent a few good hours at CBTL and just enjoyed talking to each other over guava juice and mocha iced blend.

Parted ways at 1AM, but it was really fun.

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