Monday, July 30, 2007

Check Out My New Toy...

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So I've been bitten by the Nokia E61i bug. Hehehe!

Yesterday, I went to a Nokia store and got one. Whooopppeee!!!

I just hope it won't suffer the same fate as my Moto V3i. Eeep!


  1. what happened to your old phone ?

    anyways , the new phone looks so advanced :|

  2. ey jason. i still have it and i still use it. the company will provide me with a company SIM card, so I'll use it for the old phone.

    i LOVE the e61i. it is only now that i'm starting to really appreciate 3G and mobile Internet. hehe!

    but guess what? nokia released a new phone, intended for the mobile TV service which a local telecoms just launched.

  3. heheheheh... ang sarap magtrabaho sa telco, 'no? Daming perks. :-)

  4. carver!!!! hehehe! masarap magtrabaho sa telco, but that phone wasn't really a perk. kaskas card yan. hehe! ey, what's your new blog? invite me naman. biggest hugs!