Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A good day at the museum...

Last Sunday was my last guiding duty for the year at the National Museum.

I had a back-to-back shift - 11:30AM at the History Gallery; 2PM for A Changed World.

For the 11:30 tour, I had three guests - 2 Singaporean women who have not been to the museum in a long time and one lady from Macau who was on her last vacation day. She was flying back to Macau that night.

Meanwhile, I had four guests, all women, for A Changed World - 1 Lithuanian; 1 Portuguese; and 2 Singaporeans.

The Changed World tour was done in less than an hour. I dunno. I felt like the guests weren't that into it or that they were rushing so I ended up talking less about the pieces. Hehe!

I wonder how A Changed World can be more interesting for guests who are not really into visual arts.


The History Gallery tour in the morning, on the other hand, was a good experience. Though it was a very small group, I was happy that the women stayed with the tour til the end.

It was a nice group because everyone would share something when we talked about certain artefacts. The Singaporean women also shared that it was their first time to hear some of the things I shared during the tour.

At the end of the tour, all three guests thanked me for my time. I was very happy because they gave good feedback. The one that gave me the biggest smile was the compliment from the Macau lady. Hehe!

It kept me smiling the entire day.

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