Monday, December 9, 2013

First Christmas pressie...

I got my first Christmas pressie! Yay!

From the person I didn't really expect to give me a pressie - my flatmate. Hehe!

Yep, there's the third person in the house aside from my landlord. However, I hardly see this other guy because he's always traveling for work. The times that he is here in Singapore, he would either be in his room or he would get home really late and I would already be in lalaland. Hehe!

He is a nice guy though. Malaysian Chinese. My guess is in his 30s. As to whether he's part of the brotherhood or not, I am still confirming. Hehe! Not that it really matters.

I do like him a lot as a flatmate because he is friendly. The few times that we would bump into each other at the kitchen, we would actually talk a bit about work.

The other night, I was doing my stuff at the kitchen and then he suddenly showed up. I thought he was going to use the kitchen or something.

Next thing I know, he passes on the box above and greets me, "Merry Christmas, buddy!" It was really a surprise because I thought he didn't celebrate Christmas.

Oh well, it was really nice of him though. Things like this make it much more difficult for me to consider moving to another place. Hehe!

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