Saturday, December 21, 2013

Twice as good...

For some reason, the week that just ended was just a string of unfortunate events at work. It is supposed to be Christmas and yet, I felt like the mood was that of Good Friday.

Some problems came up with some of the projects I was working on. What should have been a smooth sailing workflow suddenly entered a stormy sea. Rarely do I feel stressed at the office and this week, boy did I feel something happening on my nape. (Hypertension, is that you?)

Friday was the worst I guess. One, a project that was almost done is now facing a slight delay all because of a simple request to add a small detail. Two, I missed including important dates in a report that I wrote. An email from a higher office sent a chill down my spine. Strangely, I am somehow thankful that a team mate got a similar email. It may have been a joke. It may have been not. But it was enough to remind me of a friend's advice when I was still planning to move to SG.

When I got home close to midnight, I turned on PG Boy's laptop to check some emails. I was very happy to see three emails. While composing my reply, I was telling PG Boy how I'm kicking myself for the few hiccups. He told me that I was putting too much pressure on myself. #justsaying And I told him that surely, he must understand where I'm coming from.

"Why should you be chosen?"

Sheesh, I've been overanalysing things that a scene from the first episode of Scandal season 3 played in my mind. It is definitely good reminder to keep me on my toes.

Let's hope the coming week and the whole of 2014 will be awesome.

On a bigger picture, I think I really have to find time to sit down and work on another project. It's time to set things into motion.

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