Friday, June 22, 2007

Last Two Days...

One day more before I say adios to my present company. (Well, technically, I still have a week more to go but I decided to take a week's vacation before another rollercoaster ride begins.)

Having a mix of emotions at the moment, but I still can't pay attention to these emotions because of the remaining things to be done.

Speaking of things to be done, there was another last minute work request just a couple of minutes ago. I'm supposed to be on field this morning till early afternoon, but I had to take care of that something. I'm beginning to wonder if something's wrong with my DNA.

Going the extra mile is always ten miles more. Hehehe!


  1. It is a weird feeling when you leave a job. You're ecstatic because you're starting something new and exciting, but at the same time, you feel shitty because you're leaving old friends and habits behind.

  2. hey groove! yeah, you're so right. there's really a part of me that's really happy because the new job would be more exciting, but the other half is just sad to bid farewell to co-workers who have become friends.