Thursday, June 21, 2007

Even Executives are Human...

This afternoon, I met with one of the top executives of the company.

Although I'm not directly under his supervision, I requested to meet with this boss because he was certainly an inspiration for the past 15 months. An inspiration, in the sense that, this is what bosses are supposed to be made of.

The talk lasted for about an hour, and I'm really grateful I got to talk to the guy before I leave.


  1. si EUM ba ito? ay oo, mahal ko yun! unang christmas ko sa magsaysay, he gave bags sa mga kakilala niyang female employees. si ms babes ang namili aling bag ang para kanino. then EUM chose a big bag for me kasi he remembered i love big bags. he saw me kasi once sa dinner party niya na malaki ang gamit na bag. ang bait, no? you wouldnt think he'd remember little details...

    teka... wala ka na next week??? waaaaaaaaaa?

  2. nope, si RAU. iyong talaga sobrang love ko. dadaan daan pa din naman.