Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thinking of...

I'm thinking of painting my room. I've never been motivated to really do a Thom Filicia on my room because I'm always out of the house, and I really just use the room as a storage room for all my clutter (Augh! I'm such a pack rat!) and for sleeping.

But with Mariano Ching, Geraldine Javier, Jonathan Olazo, Buddy Cabrera, Nana Anita, and maybe, just maybe, Claude Tayag, on their way to my room, I want to make the room extra special for them. Hehe! (More about these people soon.)

Another trigger is this just may be a good year for me, and if it does turn out to be a good one, I just may be inspired to do a Thom Filicia on my small room. Hehe!

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