Sunday, June 10, 2007

4,000 Emails in a Year...

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but one of the things I hate about my body clock is that I still get up early even on weekends. Today, for example, I was up by 5:30AM.

I programmed myself to sort through my work emails today so I can get my clearance signed from the IT department, but I didn't expect I'd be at the office by 7:30AM.

But now, I am grateful that I went to work that early. Why?

Going through 4,000 emails - sorting which to delete, which to keep, which to forward to my personal email address - is one task that requires a lot of patience. The commendations I got for the weekly English tips I kept, the emails I got from our dear President I kept, emails that made me question some stuff I moved to trash.

This was the only task I got to do today, but I'm happy I'm done with it.


  1. holy cow , 4000 emails !

    really , in a year ? or was it over the weekend ?

  2. hey jason, hehehe!

    yes, it's 4,000 emails for the previous year.

    but i'm guessing it's really about 5,000 emails if i include the ones i've deleted before

  3. Hi Angelo!

    I miss you, friend.

    Please don't forget me, if you have any volunteer work--in or out of Manila. Specially now that I have so much free time. I wanna volunteer!

    I hope I get to travel soon so you can come visit my blog and read about it!