Saturday, June 9, 2007

So This Is The Short Story...

Alright, so here's a gist of what has recently happened.

Friday morning last week, I got "the" call I was waiting for. On the afternoon of the same day, I printed my 30-day notice and handed it over to the unit head, who readily accepted it.

Monday was the start of a week of processing documents and other requirements. First off, I had my medical and physical exam, which took three days. I know, it's hard to believe. But this has to be the strictest medical exam I've had. I needed to have two molars fixed. I needed to have my ears fixed. Even the few warts that have been silently there around my neck area got the doctor's attention. Ergo, I was asked to have them removed.

At the same time, I was gathering other documents such as NBI (think FBI) clearance, social security number, birth certificates, university transcripts, tax payment records, to name a few.

This morning, I turned in everything to my new employer by the start of July.

Though this whole pre-employment process was so tedious and required a lot of legwork, there are only two words that would best describe the rollercoaster ride I'm about to get myself in.

Simply amazing.

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  1. *sniff *sniff

    i will be missing you, friend, although i know, you're just across the street by july ;)

    so sa glorie or gbelt na ba tayo laging manonood ng sine? :D