Saturday, June 23, 2007

Work is Work is Work...

The last day of work turned out to be still jampacked with activities, which I sort of found out just this morning as well.

Morning, I had to attend a press conference for the culinary school. In the afternoon, there was a recognition of officers who recently passed a licensure exam. After that, I had to go take photos of one of the offices. Yesterday, I went with one of the business units to a school orientation. There were this one particular who was really cute, my friend and I got to take some photos of him. Haha!

Anyway, some colleagues already know about my leaving, but it was also good that there were these events to cover so the focus was on the events. In the afternoon, I broke the news to some friends from one department and they thought I was joking. I tried to tell the news another group of friends from another department, but one of them was having a crisis at the same time so I didn't really get to break the news.

Oh well, so much for saying farewell.

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