Sunday, October 6, 2013

Birthday gathering in JB...

After the afternoon lecture at the Asian Civilisations Museum yesterday afternoon, I made my way to Woodlands station to meet up with Mr. Lim for our overseas trip.

Overseas trip. LOL! It sounds like we were going somewhere far. The truth was we were just going to Johor Bahru, which was on the other side of the Singapore Straits. Hehe!

Our common friend Miru was celebrating his birthday and he booked a room at one of the hotels in JB. Luckily, there was no jam from Woodlands Interchange to the Customs and Immigration Complex at JB. There weren't that many people at Immigration as well so it was quite fast.

From JB City Square, Mr. Lim and I headed to the hotel to meet up with Miru and his friends.

The room he got was quite big. It was a three bedroom suite and cost only SGD200. Thinking that there would be too many people and that we wanted to have a comfy sleep, Mr. Lim and I booked our own room as well. We got a studio for only SGD70 via Agoda and it was quite big as well. Dun expect too much but the beds were comfy enough. I got an extra pillow. And it was super cold because of the AC.

Anyway, after meeting up with Miru and the rest of the guys, we walked over to the neighboring Korean restaurant for dinner. The restau was right across Danga Bay. It seemed like a popular Korean restau because almost all tables were occupied. Again, since we were in JB, the total food bill of 7 people RM250 (or about $100). We had a lot of food and the food wasn't bad at all.

From the restau, we walked back to the hotel and spent the next few hours chatting and playing board games. Seriously. Haha! I've never felt so old! I kept on losing. It was good fun though.

This morning, we just spent a few hours chillaxing by the people before prepping to head back to Singapore.

It was a good weekend getaway.

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