Thursday, October 10, 2013

PG Boy meets the Bee...

PG Boy had his first trip to the Philippines last Friday. Hehe!

I took him to Jollibee at Lucky Plaza. It was a first for me as well. Since the store opened, I haven't visited because I didn't have the patience to queue for two hours just to have my Chickenjoy. There is no joy in waiting. Hehe!

Lately, a few friends have told me that the queue wait time isn't that bad anymore. On one night that PG Boy and I were supposed to go but instead opted for Din Tai Fung, we ended up waiting for quite a while that we both agreed we should have just gone to Jollibee. Hehe! Anyway, so Friday night, I left the office around 6PM and arrived at LP just before 7. The queue was not bad at all. I waited for less than thirty minutes to get in and queue again inside the store. The service was quite fast and efficient. The counter people were quick to take and serve the orders. It wasn't difficult to find a seat as well since there were a number of Jollibee staff to lead people to seats.

So the meals were there. Two C3s (Chickenjoy and Spaghetti) and another 2-piece Chickenjoy with rice for sharing. I was there. And PG Boy wasn't. LOL!

He stayed back at the office for an hour or so because he wanted to clear some things before he went for holiday.

After waiting for ... minutes, he finally arrived.

We finished our meal in less than 20 minutes. Hehe! I enjoyed the chicken vmuch. So did PG Boy. The spaghetti tastes a bit different from the one in the Philippines. It's less sweet. I dunno if that was done on purpose. In any case, it was still a very happy meal.

And of course, what trip to Jollibee wouldn't be complete without a photo with the happy bee. Against his will, I got PG Boy to stand beside the bee for a souvenir photo. Hehe!

Good first trip. Maybe his next one would already involve the three-hour flight to NAIA. We'll see.


  1. papuntahin mo na ng manila kasi ;) it's more fun in the Philippines ya know!

    1. Next year, Teh. Mag-mano muna kami kay Papa Francis. Hehe!