Friday, July 11, 2014

Away for the weekend...

Heading to Malacca tomorrow with a few friends.

I've been looking forward to the trip since it's an opportunity to take a break from the little red dot... even if it's just for two days. Hehe!

A few people I know find Malacca to be boring. I don't really agree.

If one is interested in historical places or if one just wants to visit a place where a Catholic saint was once buried, then Malacca shouldn't be boring at all.

I enjoyed walking along the old streets and marvelling at the Peranakan mansions. I enjoyed the canal cruise during sunset. Hehe! I said a prayer when I visited the burial place of St. Francis Xavier. It's just a bit sad that not too many people know that a sacred man was once buried there.

A Twitter friend is in town this weekend but I didn't know he was flying in. Had I known, I would have scheduled the road trip on another weekend. Still, please enjoy Singapura, Jepoy. Maybe next time you can also do a side trip to Malacca.

Happy weekend to everyone...

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