Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happiness and contentment talk at 5AM...

Does happiness follow after contentment? Or does contentment come first before happiness?

It sounds like the "Chicken or Egg" question would be easier to answer. Haha!

After a long night of partying and clubbing, I was just about ready for shuteye. But having taken a shower minutes earlier, I was a bit awake.

Not knowing if Tipz was still awake, I just started talking in the dark room. Lol!

Earlier during the night, PG Boy and I were at the same party. It was the first time we saw each other since we parted ways more than a month ago.

He was looking good. E and Tipz both said he lost weight. I blame his work. It was good seeing him again. I missed the guy. And I have to say it was just really great that was no awkwardness between us when we saw each other. We talked the same way as we did before. The only difference now is that our sentences are no longer punctuated with "babe" in between words.

Minutes before I fell asleep, I started ruminating about the events that transpired during the night.

It led me to some thoughts which I voiced out to a sleepy Tipz. Lol!

And so he asked, "I thought you were happy! When I asked you before if you were happy, you said you were!"

I was happy. I really was.

Then Tipz raised the topic of contentment. I think there was a part of me that was not contented. That thought was further reinforced because of some events that happened some time in the latter part of June. Those events led me to realise some things.

So again, I ask. Does happiness follow after contentment? Or does contentment come first before happiness?

Tipz and I never got to dwell more into it as we were both fast asleep soon after the discussion has started. Though I can say that I think I have a better idea now.

The photo above was from E's birthday party. I thought I'd use the photo since it somehow looks like we're about to lunge into a discussion. Haha!


  1. lol. i dont remember that! hahaha talking in my sleep...

    1. lol! seriously?! hahaha!

    2. hahaha i remember saying something but i was most likely half asleep to remember what it was lol. i tend to talk my heart out when im tired or semi conscious lol. but to answer our discussion, i think we can be happy without being content (e.g. thats why we have alcohol, recreational drugs, etc). but the ultimate form of happiness is contentment because contentment is a state of being whereas happiness can just be spurts or are more temporal.

    3. hahaha! well, it didn't seem like you were half asleep. although it's funny how from a conversation, biglang nag-drift to sleep na lang. haha! can one be content and still not be happy? or is that different? resignation to the situation. lol!