Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday morning thoughts...

Not much happening this week, which I guess is somewhat good.

Work is still the same. There is nothing new. I expect the changes to take place sometime in late September.

Uhm, I've booked two more flights in addition to the Borobodur trip with Mama in September. The other flight I booked is for the long weekend because of National Day. A Manila friend is flying over to Kuala Lumpur for a look-see. Since the flights were cheapo, I decided to fly to KL and meet with him there. The other flight I booked today is for another trip later this year.

That's it. No more travels... unless there's a very good sale.

I should start saving for the big trip I want to do in late 2015 - New York and San Francisco. Truth be told, the only reasons I want to go to the US are these: New York - watch Broadway Musicals: Wicked, If/Then, Book of Mormons; visit museums: the Cloisters to see The Unicorn Tapestries, the Frick collection, MoMA, and the Anna Wintour Costume Center; window shopping: 7th Avenue, Barney's; check out and pay homage to the LGBT scene: Christopher St.; and for San Francisco: because my best friend Tey is planning to visit as well and I am putting pressure on her to bring me around.

If not for these, I would rather go to Europe again. The flights are more affordable and there are more things to excite me. I want to go back to the Netherlands and Belgium once again. Though this time, I want to include a visit to Haarlem and to The Hague (Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring at Mauritshuis!!!!) in addition to Amsterdam. In Belgium, I definitely want to do a day trip to Bruges and Ghent to see the Michelangelo's Madonna. I'm also excited at the thought of going back to Brussels because I now have two friends living there. Lastly, I want to include a trip to Paris! I hope it doesn't have the same effect on me as Rome did. Hahaha!

It would be so nice to travel again to these countries. Last year, I told myself I wanted to take a break from Asia. I have done my part in contributing to Asian tourism having visited Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Myanmar, and Nepal. Haha!

So it was really such a grateful moment for me to have been able to do a trip to Europe. Never, never have I thought one boy's dream would become one man's reality. I am just really thankful. There are other places I want to see - Machu Picchu,Bhutan. Augh!

But for now, I should end this post and start working. Lol!

Happy Friday...

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