Sunday, July 6, 2014

Looong Saturday it was...

What a packed day today turned out to be! Not that I'm complaining, but I'm a bit surprised how busy I can get on most weekends. Lol!

Hmm, it could mean one of two things - the hours pass by so fast or I have too much on my plate. Most probably, it could also mean both. Haha!

Though I went to lalaland a little after midnight last night, I still had to wake up today at 7AM. First order of the day was to attend a public information session on the docent programme of the soon-to-open National Gallery. Still deciding whether I should give it a try.

I thought I would have time to have a relaxed breakkie at my neighbourhood Toastbox. I was wrong because by the time I left my house, it was almost 745. Still, I managed to pass by the kopitiam and wolfed down a heavy breakkie as fast as I could.

Afterwards, I rushed to the MRT station so that I can reach SMU, the orientation venue, in an hour.

From SMU, I walked over to the bus stop near the National Museum and waited for 64 to arrive. The next stop for the day was to visit my friend Jean and her fiancé at their home in River Valley for lunch and catchup. Jean was also kind enough to hand carry some documents I asked my Mom to handle.

After lunch, I took the bus going back to the centre. My next destination was FF Cathay to attend the Combat class with Jon. As expected, the Combat class was just awesome as it was handled by one of my fave instructors.

Combat was followed by a well-deserved early dinner at Aston's. Early dinner was followed by a well-deserved dessert and coffee treat at Hoshino.

Initially, I thought I would have time to catch a movie but I was just beat from the long day. Lol!

On the way home, MkSurf8 messaged regarding a hohol at his place. However, I had to skip it since I already said yes to Mr. Lim to go on a nature walk tomorrow morning. I haven't seen MkSurf8, RKGreg and the other guys for quite some time now. Everyone's busy. Lol. Hope to catch them one of these days.

Earlier, I just finished watching the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey season 4. That's it! I'm officially up-to-date with Downton and I am SO ready to watch Season 5 when it airs later this year. Addicted to the series. Seriously.

So, yeah, that's how the day went. Is it busier now that I'm single? I think so. I thought I would have more time for resting and sleeping in. But really, who am I kidding? Haha!


  1. lol. always a packed itinerary for you!

    1. I know. It's a disease. Lol! :P

    2. i want to join you and jonalyn on a weekend hahaha! organize na yan!