Thursday, July 31, 2014

New floor lamp means more titles to read...

Just a random post.

I finally got myself to buy a floor lamp over the long weekend. Damn three day holiday! I ended up having quite a few unplanned purchases. Haha!

There's an app called carousell, which I guess is somewhat similar to eBay. I came across an Ikea floor lamp that was being sold dirt cheap. The best thing was the seller was also in my neighbourhood.

I've been meaning to get a floor lamp to put by my bedside. Previously, I just have a desk lamp and the ceiling light. Thankfully, the latter was provided in a warm tone and not one of those *gasp* hiddeous white lights. Haha! Pag galit sa white light, alam na. My previous problem was that I couldn't read in bed just before I go to lalaland. The ceiling light was too soft tone and couldn't provide good lighting to the Kindle. Add to that the trouble of having to get up after reading just to switch off the light. Hahaha! Now that the floor lamp is in the room and right by my bed, all I need is reach out to the side to turn off the lamp once I start feeling sleepy. Haha! I've made a conscious decision not to accumulate unnecessary home items since I don't know how long I will be in Singapore. So far, I've been very successful. The only home furnishings/appliances that I have bought are a side table (which I use as a book shelf), a steam iron and the floor lamp. I'm pretty sure I can give these away one day or leave them with my dear landlord.

These past few nights, I've been enjoying the convenience of having the floor lamp by my side. I got a Philips bulb - yellow light, of course - for just $2.90 and I'm quite sure it will last for a year or so.

Hoping to read a lot of titles under the light of this new lamp. Haha!

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