Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Some more Malacca photos...

So, a few weeks ago, some friends and I headed north to the UNESCO World Heritage City Malacca for a weekend trip.

Though it's my second time in the UNESCO World Heritage City, it was a different experience since I was with friends. The first trip to Malacca was with PG Boy some time last year.

It's surprising how much has changed in the historic city in a span of one year... commercially, I mean.

There is now a huge H&M store beside Hatten Hotel. There are a number of outlet stores adjacent to H&M.

One thing remains and that is the charm of the area where the old town centre was.

As I previously said, there are still other places in Malacca that I want to go and check out. In addition to the museums, I want to just walk around and try the different cafes/restaus.

Btw, I finally tried the chicken rice balls. It was unique, but I don't see the whole fuss behind it. Hehe!

It was also so damn hot the whole time we were there. Thankfully, there was always a cendol store every few steps. Haha!

I wonder when I'll be able to visit again. Mon and Richie are planning to visit. I'm quite sure Mon would be interested to check out the Nyonya Jewelry Museum.

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