Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy, fun long weekend...

What I thought would be a restful weekend turned out to be a weekend packed with happy activities with good friends! Haha!

It started Friday night. After the movie and dinner with NB Boy, I headed to Tipz's place to freshen up and change clothes for the second agenda for the night - get-together with Richie, Mon, Jon, MkSurf8 and RKGreg.

We reached the usual hangout place in Neil Rd before midnight. It was great seeing everyone. Richie and Mon rarely have late nightouts because Rich has work even on weekends. This week, he is on leave so he was able to join us for hohol time. On the other hand, the last time I saw MkSurf8 and RKGreg was when Makii was in town. After that, everyone seemed busy that we never got to arrange any gatherings.

We finished clubbing around 3AM and then had supper at Maxwell before heading back.

Saturday morning, I thought I would have some time to recov from the clubbing the previous night. However, a good friend messaged at the last minute that some company was very much needed on Saturday morning. Tired as I was, I knew how important it is for this person. Add to that the fact that I still get up at 7AM no matter how late I hit the sack. So, with only four hours of sleep, I managed to go on a leisurely walk and have lunch with this friend before heading back.

In the evening, I traveled all the way to the East for dinner with Richie and Mon. Richie brought back a few dishes by his mom, Tita Merlita - pinakbet, monggo, and adobo. Tita Merlita knew how much I love her cooking. It was really kind of Richie to have me over for dinner. We then watched And the Band Played On.

During dinner, I received a message from MkSurf8. Since I didn't get to chat with him and RKGreg the previous night, I decided I would head over to his place from Richie and Mon's. Hehe! It was just MkSurf8, RKGreg and three other people. RKGreg prepped delicious Purefoods goodies. Haha! Thank you! I was slightly tempted to meet up with Tipz at Neil Rd for clubbing/dancing. In the end, I decided I will just head back for rest. Second night that I've been hitting the sack close to 4AM.

Sunday was also just as packed. Mr. Lim and I attended the 11AM Mass at Church of St. Mary of the Angels. Later that day, we met up with Des for picnic at the Botanic Gardens followed by dinner at Ivins.

The last agenda for Sunday night was a movie marathon night with Tipz and Jon. The plan was to watch Before Sunrise, Sunset, Midnight trilogy. I only managed to finish the first two. Haha! I already crashed by the third movie. I need to see the last one for closure! Haha! Third night of sleeping way past midnight.

Today, I get to have some rest time before heading out again. Hahaha! NB Boy wanted to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibit and the Dinosaur exhibit at ArtScience Museum. I promised him I would accompany him. I was hoping to get some work done during this long weekend, but oh well. Hahah!

It's been a tiring weekend, yes. But it has been a very good one. It was spent with really good friends. What could be better done that?


  1. im super exhausted din after my brunch with high school friends earlier!!! haha i need to sleep early tonight and catch up on sleep!!!! ive lost sleep and partied too much yet again...among...other things done over the weekend lol

    1. hahaha! :D major YOLO weekend! ;)