Monday, February 2, 2009

Late night random thoughts on chasers and chasees...

One question that came to mind recently is this, "Are some people born to be "chasers" and others to be "chasees"?" (Is there even such a word?! Haha! My 3rd grade English teacher will kill me.)

I'm talking about dating and relationships, and not about Harry Potter and Quidditch. Hehe! Are some people designed to be the one to initiate things, and other people designed to react to the initiator?

I was talking to Carlo about this on one of our late night random phone talks, and he suggested I blog about it so here I am doing exactly that. Hehe!

For the person my heart beat for for four years, it was I who first professed my feelings. Look how that turned out. The heart beating became a beating of the heart. Last year, I did try to go out and I've experienced history repeating itself a couple of times. Three times I think. Things were going well (or I thought they did) and then all of a sudden, bam! I'm dropped like a hot potato. I'm left wondering what the heck went wrong. In all cases, it was I who made the first move. If there's any good that came out of it, it's that I made it alive with just a few bruises and the stubborness to keep trying remained intact. Hehehe!

Lately though, I'm starting to dread that the same thing would be happening this year. It is the year of bull after all. And ah! The first rejection recently came. I was rejected by someone I didn't like at all. I was being nice and doing a friend a favor and look where that got me. Rejected. It's amusing I swear. Hahaha!

I guess it would be nice to trade places once in a while. Even if it would only mean less scathing for a short while and a quick recovery for the heart before I take on the position as "chaser" once again.

I know that we're supposed to create our own path or destiny or future or whatever, but then history repeats itself. Could that be a sign that you're really to be this and not that? So I sometimes wonder what if nature or whatever supernatural cause already assigned you what you'll be in the world of dating and relationships? And you happened to be on the side of the coin you didn't want.

Man, then I'm screwed big time. Nothing would be sadder than having your epitaph read, "He lived. He loved. He learned the greatest thing. But he still died with a broken heart."


  1. Usually I am the 'chasee', but the last two times I tried to be the 'chaser', it didn't end up too well for me !

    go with whatever's natural to you I guess :)

  2. I'll keep that in mind, JP. =)