Wednesday, March 12, 2014

About the upcoming trip...

Officially counting the days to the major holiday for the year. Haha!

It's less than a month before PG Boy and I fly out and I'm starting to get really excited for the trip.

The trip is going to be a lot of firsts and I'm really looking forward to it.

One sad thing about the trip is that I won't see my good friend Bernice as she decided to accept a job offer in a country closer to Singapore.

We've talk a lot about how I should visit her so she can show me around just as I have played host to her and showed her Singapore.

But as I have expected, she got the job and will be in her new adopted country by the time PG Boy and I arrive at her soon-to-be ex-adopted country.

PG Boy is flying to the country we're visiting this weekend. It's going to be for work.

I gave him strict instructions that he better not set foot in any of the places I've included in our to-visit list. Haha!

Luckily, his office is about two hours from the city centre so I'm hoping that will discourage him from making the trip to go to this and that museum.

If he does go, oh well, I bo chap already. Lol!

Hmm, so far, it seems like I've got almost everything for the trip covered. Flight and train tix. Check. Accomms. Check. Tours and attractions I want to see. Check.

Planning for the trip has been quite enjoyable as I get to read about things. I created a spreadsheet which is quite detailed to guide us in the trip. Lol!

PG Boy is more about being spontaneous and so. I'm more, "Well, I don't want to waste my time thinking about how to get to this place or whether this place is going to be open on this day or queueing for hours to get into a museum."

If this were my second or third trip to the places we're visiting, then I can afford to be more spontaneous and not be too detailed with planning.

Looking for accomms has been quite a challenge as all the areas I want to visit have damn expensive accomms. Haha! The thing is I want to stay near the central train stations as I feel like it makes things more convenient. However, these are the really ex ones. Haha! For one of the places we're visiting, I chose a B&B that's a stone's throw away from the "church." It's quite expensive but the place has good reviews on Tripadvisor.

AirBnb and were fully used in planning for accomms. Thanks to Tipz, I also found out about another accomms site - Ebab and GV. Haha! I used Ebab for one part of the trip.

I'm really glad the Internet is also around to provide answers to all the things I've been wondering about for the trip.

Still, I'm planning to drop by the library soon to borrow books to bring along for the trip.

Just a few more things to take care of. Foremost of which are what to wear (thanks to Chris who will lend me some jackets/coats) and how to pack lights.

Seriously, I have no concept of pack light. Haha!

We'll see how.


  1. you and chris are the same size? hehe know anyone who's xs i can borrow from? how cold will it be when you go? looking at temp forecasts, it will be 11-17 i think in portugal and spain

    1. Haha! IKR! I keep on telling him I'm fatter than he is, but he said we're about the same size. Will find out. Hehe!

      Maybe Adrian is XS? Same temp as yours I think. :-)

  2. How exciting teh!