Sunday, March 16, 2014

Peranakan Museum, Kith Cafe and Saboten on Saturday...

Saturday was quite a busy day.

In the morning, Tipz and I met up with Jamie and his brother Rain for a visit to the museum.

I suggested we visit the Peranakan Museum since I thought the Peranakan culture was something Jamie and Rain would appreciate. (Turned out I was right! Yay!)

We joined the 11AM guided tour. Though I've been to the Peranakan Museum a few times, I haven't had a chance to join a guided tour. I was really glad the docent assigned for the 11AM was very good and knowledgeable. At the start of the tour, there were about 10 of us. Towards the end, our docent was left with the four Filipinos who were very interested in (almost) all things Peranakan. Hehe!

From the Peranakan Museum, we headed to Kith Cafe for lunch.

Luckily, we got there before more hungry people arrived. Hehe! PG Boy joined us for lunch. Glad that he met Jamie and Rain. I told Jamie that PG Boy is half-Hokkien. I tried to get them to talk to each other in Hokkien. Well, they managed to communicate though Rain said there was a slight difference in accent. Hehe!

Afterwards, we all parted ways. Jamie and Rain wanted to check out some furniture stores. Tipz headed to Plaza Singapura to buy a birthday pressie. PG Boy and I headed back to his place since he still hasn't packed for his work trip.

Packing for a trip is one more area where PG Boy and I are on opposite sides of the coin. Lol! He's all pack light and I'll just bring whatever. I, on the other hand, always have trouble packing. "Pack light" does not exist in my vocab. Lol!

We'll see how I'll be for our upcoming trip.

PG Boy's flight was close to midnight but we decided to head early to the airport. It was my suggestion, of course. Haha!

Since we were heading to Changi, I already knew what I wanted for dinner - Saboten!!!

We dun go for tonkatsu that often anyway. I felt like I was allowed to treat myself.

I really like Saboten. The food is just great. The other tonkatsu place is Tonkichi. I should bring Tey and Moneigh to these awesome restaus on their next trip to Singapore.

After dinner, PG Boy and I headed to T3 for coffee and dessert. By the time I left Changi, it was already 10PM. I told PG Boy that by the time I get home, he would already be boarding his flight.

I was correct. Haha!

So, yeah, it was quite a busy Saturday. It's one Saturday I feel was well spent. Hehe!

Kith Café
#01-01E, Park Mall, 9 Penang Road
Tel: 6338-8611
Opening hours: 08:00 – 22:00 daily
(Breakfast menu until 3pm)

80 Airport Boulevard
#031-004 Departure Check-in Hall Level 3
Changi Airport Terminal 1
Tel: +65 6214 9504
Daily: 8am – 10.30pm

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