Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to pack light, ah...

With two weeks to go before the trip, I think I have start wondering about packing.

Here's the thing. I don't know how to pack light.

It is not my core competency. Haha! Just how "bad" can I beWell, on one of my visits to Manila last year, I exceeded the allowed 10KG. by 7KG!

That was just for a 4 (or 5 day) trip. Eeeep!

The upcoming trip is about 13 days (14 days because I will be flying out Wednesday night)!

It is my first ever long holiday trip in my entire life.

The longest holiday I've ever had was about 7 days? It was a few years back. I went to Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh with one of the best friends of my ex. Haha!

PG Boy does not have any problems packing. I've seen him pack for his overseas trips and I dunno how he does it.

Or maybe I do know. For one, he is not as concerned as I am with what to wear, what to bring. He has a tendency to just dump stuff in his luggage. Good for him.

To me, I've always been crazier about packing. Hmm, aside from prepping a checklist, I also have an attire guide.Seriously. I create a spreadsheet for the trip. I think about the activities for a given day. Then I think about what I can/should wear.

This is my own way of trying to stay within the baggage allowance policy. Lol!

I've already created a spreadsheet for the upcoming trip. I've already listed the clothes, bags, accessories that I need to bring.

It's just a matter of indicating in the spreadsheet what to wear on what day. Haha!

Yesterday, Tipz and I met up to look for a pair of shoes that I hope will be comfy enough for long walks. RKGreg told me to ensure I have good footwear since I will do a lot, a lot of walking.

The thing is I don't want to spend too much on a pair of shoes. I have two to three pairs of shoes at home, which I hardly wear. It's bad. Lol! That's why I didn't want to buy a new pair. I also am in a major saving mode. A storm is brewing and it's stupid not to prepare.

However, I think I do need a good pair for hours and hours of walks.This isn't just to justify the expense.

We went to a few shops in Plaza Sing and ended up getting a pair at Orchard Central.

I needed a pair that was not just comfy but can also go with the attire I am planning? Lol!

So I want to Instagram, did a search using a particular hashtag. The above photos are some of the pegs that I think I can pull of. Apologies to the owners of these photos.

Done with the shoes. Two more things on my to buy list. After that, I can really focus on editing the would-be contents of my luggage. Lol!


  1. friend! hahaha you should have posted a picture of you with your new shoes! :) i saw a bag from porter i liked sa may tangs. but now im considering something half as small from carhartt haha

    1. hahaha! i'm shy, friend. :-P no photo of the bag you're eyeing??? :)

  2. hahaha pero masaya mag prep for a long trip d ba?

    2 shoes (1 walking, 1 medyo pamporma para gimik tsaka if feeling mo mukhang GQ sa picture); since malamig puntahan mo, mix and match. kahit chaka ang panloob. jacket, scarf, accent and importante sa peekchurr. i usuallly bring a huge maleta pero OC ako sa packing. parang nasa cabinet lang ang pagkatupi so di na maximize ang space. 6 pairs of jean, walang nyorts kasi malamig. magjubad ka na lang sa pagtulog para tipid na run hahaha

    HAVE FUN!!!!!

    1. masarap nga mag-prep, teh! salamat for the tips. actually, tinignan ko albums ninyo ni RKGreg sa Italy and Roma to get an idea kung anong dapat isuot. hehe! :)

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