Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday lunch for Mr. Lim...

I organised a somewhat surprise birthday lunch for Mr. Lim last Saturday.

Somewhat because I'm guessing he had an idea on who was going to be there. Hehe!

A few days before his birthday, I asked him where he wanted to have his birthday lunch. He just said he wanted curry fish head.

Richie reco'd we go to Samy's Curry Fish Head at Dempsey.

The fact that the place was in Dempsey assured me that it was going to be an ideal place for a birthday lunch.

After making reservations, I sent invites to our common friends - Miru, Des, Justin, David, Patrick. Thankfully, all of them said they were available for the lunch.

I was also thinking of inviting his god brother Bryan, but I think he'll prefer to have a separate lunch with him.

Saturday noontime, Miru and I met up at Plaza Singapura to buy cake before heading to Dempsey. Of course, the obvious choice was Awfully Chocolate since the cake was sure to be delicious. Hehe!

From Plaza Sing, we took a bus to get to Dempsey. Thankfully, Samy's Curry wasn't too far from the main road unlike the other food places like Jones the Grocery or House. Hehe!

A few minutes of waiting and the birthday boy arrived. The others were late. Lol!

We already ordered food since Mr. Lim said he was starving. And of course, the lunch was for him after all. It didn't make sense to make the celebrant wait. Haha!

So we ordered a Medium Fish Head, palak paneer, butter chicken, black squid and biryani rice. Yum, yum! While waiting for the food, we enjoyed the compli papadum.

I love Indian food. If I didn't care about putting on weight, I would eat biryani rice and prata more often. Haha!

Just as we started eating, the others arrived and joined the happy lunch.

Afterwards, we asked the waiter to clear the table so that we can have the cake. We bought the choco/banana flavour which everyone found awesome. Yay!

Though Samy's Curry is in Dempsey, the price was not that ex. Our total bill came out to about $120, which was okay. The cake was just $32 and everyone got to have second servings. Haha!

Glad that Mr. Lim enjoyed his birthday lunch!

25 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249670
Tel : 6472 2080
Opening Hours :
11am-3pm ( Lunch )
6pm-10pm ( Dinner )
Open on Monday and Wednesday to Sunday (Including Public Holidays).
Closed every Tuesday.

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