Saturday, March 8, 2014

HBD, RKGreg and my other Mom...

There were five people I know who celebrated their birthday yesterday.

Of the five, two are people who I really, really care about and consider to be very important in my life.

One is RKGreg, the significant other of MkSurf8. I've written about them a few times and how I'm a huge fan of the RKGreg/MkSurf8 love team (sounds very Young Love, Sweet Love. Hehe!)

I don't think I've ever written about RKGreg as a person and as a friend.

So, here goes...

If he were a TV series, his show title would be Everybody Loves RKGreg or maybe Friends. Seriously. I wouldn't be surprised if he was voted Friendliest Guy of the Class by his secondary school classmates or university batch mates. The number of times we've been on a trip or we hung out somewhere, RKGreg would either know someone or he would easily make new friends. He's very easy to talk to and he's got the friendly/good guy vibe going for him. Of course, it helps that he has this resemblance to a Filipino actor named Zoren Legaspi. Haha! RKGreg, it's your birthday so you get to have your ego stroked. Haha! Kidding! As a son and as a brother, he would have also probably been awarded the Good Conduct award when he was in school. The few times that we talked about his family, I could say that he's the kind of guy a mom would be proud of.

Recently, he made the big move to Singapore. If my move took three years in the making, his was what? Six years? More? But I'm really glad that he's now here. It wouldn't hurt the island to have one more happy and friendly Filipino.

Happy birthday, RKGreg!

The other very important person celebrating a birthday is my other mom - Tita Ching. Aka Mrs. Aragon. Aka the mom of my best friend, Tey.

I don't recall the time I met Tita Ching, but I can say that I'm happy to be a part of their family and to be one of her "adopted" sons for close to two decades now. Tita Ching is well-loved and very popular among our (mine and Tey's) colleagues because of her amazing culinary skills. Tey's birthday is always an event everyone looks forward to because we all get to have a taste of Mrs. Aragon's cooking. To me, another reason why I love her is she is someone I can count on to pray for me. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone prays for me while I pray for everyone - from the Pope to the Philippine and Singapore leaders to my work colleagues to my friends and my family (LOL!). And then, I remember Tita Ching and how I know that she always has me in her prayers. Every so often, I would give her a call just to ask how she's doing. When I was going through the difficult period of losing my Dad last year, Tita Ching was one of those who gave me words of strength. I am really blessed to have two mothers in this life.

For her birthday, I asked for Tey's help to buy a bouquet of flowers for her. Tey sent the photo above. I also gave Tita a call when I got home and we got to have a wonderful chat.

One of my dreams is to be able to go on a holiday with my Mom, Tita Ching and Tey. Hopefully, it will happen this year.

Happy birthday, Tita Ching!

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