Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lunch under the trees....

This was where I ate my lunch today.

After buying my lunch from the food court of crowded Fusionopolis, I decided of looking for some place quiet to have my lunch.

Usually, I would just go back to the office and eat at my desk. On certain days, I would have lunch with colleagues.

Today, I was just planning to tapau and head back to the office. However, my cubicle mate was fasting today. It would be so inconsiderate of me to eat my lunch in the same workspace. I'm sure she wouldn't mind. Still, I thought eating elsewhere was the right thing to do.

So as I made my way out of Fusionopolis, I decided to walk towards Buona Vista Rd. My office goes the other way. I wasn't sure where I would be headed, but I just kept on walking.

After a few minutes of walking and crossing the main intersection, I found a neighbourhood community park. There were no people at all, except for a few fellow FTs who were taking an afternoon nap. LOL!

I looked for a bench, took out my food and started enjoying my meal under the shade of the trees. Thankfully, the sun wasn't out and it was quite windy. That made the lunch more enjoyable. In addition to that, I could hear birds chirping and crickets(?) singing.

Very relaxing, I must say.

It's been written a number of times that being surrounded by trees, seeing the green of nature have a calming effect. I must say I agree.

When I was done with lunch, I stayed a few more minutes and just enjoyed the serenity.

I started to walk back to the office after seeing on my phone that lunch time was nearly over.

Hmmm... now I know where to go in case I need a good break.

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