Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014... Day 1....

Happy New Year!

And just like that, it's the start of another year. Similar to the previous years, I have always been optimistic about the new year that begins.

I always hope that the new year will always be better than the year that just ended. I'm putting a lot of pressure on the universe to make 2014 a very good one especially since 2013 was a year I was just happy to bid goodbye.

So let's see how 2014 will be.

The first day of the year was spent nourishing the body and the soul.

I started the day by attending the 930AM Mass at the church which is just a stone's throw away from PG Boy's new place. Hmm, I kinda miss the priests at Holy Trinity and St. Mary of the Angels though. Imho, the priests at the two churches I just mentioned are better in connecting to the parishioners/Mass goers. I've only been attending Mass at the church near PG Boy's place and I'm already noticing a few points to improve on. Hehe!

PG Boy and I also had late lunch with Mr. Lim at The Banana Leaf Apollo Restau along Race Course Road. Mr. Lim was in Bangkok for a five-day holiday. He just got back yesterday night. He messaged last night to say that he wants spicy food or Indian food for lunch. Hehe!

It was my first time to eat at the this restau and I have to say that the food is good. Today was a very busy day though and it took some time before our food and drinks arrived. I also noticed that the restaurant did not have enough staff to attend to the customers. This has been something I've been noticing in a number of food establishments. Eeeep!

Thankfully, the palak paneer and the fish methi along with the cheese naan and biryani rice were all delicious. We also ordered chicken tikka masala but it wasn't so enjoyable. The mango lassi was also fantab. It is the best I've had ever.

After lunch, PG Boy and I headed back to his place and rested a bit. I then prepared to head back to my home in the West.

Tomorrow, the kids go back to school and I'm expecting the trains to be crowded. Ergo, I wanted to prep for tomorrow and I want to go to sleep early tonight.

It's going to be an exciting 2014!

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