Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday walk along Sungei Serangoon...


Even with just a few hours of sleep (I got home past 3:30AM), I can always rely on my damn body clock to still wake me up vearly. Haha!

Thanks to being used to wake up very early every day, I managed to get up before 8AM to meet up with KK for an easy nature walk.

KK picked me up at Serangoon station. From there, we drove to Kovan Market and Food Centre for breakkie with his three friends David, Patrick and Jen.

By the time we finished breakkie and drove to our walk's starting point, it was already 10.30 plus.

This has to be the latest start for a nature walk that I've ever had. Usually, KK and I would already be halfway through our route when we do our walks since we start kinda early.

Thankfully, the weather yesterday was just nice for a late morning/noontime walk.

We started our walk at the Park Connector path near Serangoon Secondary College. It was a nice park connector pathway since it runs along Sungei Serangoon.

For the next hour and half, we just kept on walking and walking and walking.

Our end destinations was the Serangoon Tidal Gates, which was already in the Punggol/Pasir Ris border.

On the way back, we stopped by a food joint where I had a lousy burger meal for $15!!! Unbelievable! Haha! We should've just headed to the fried chicken fastfood place beside it and I would have had an equally unhealthy but better-tasting lunch.

We finally reached our starting point by 2PM.

By then, I was ready to head back and take a nap before heading to Mass. Lol!

I'm glad I got to join KK and his friends for the walk. I need it. I really need it. In a past blog entry, I'm sure I have written that my favourite places in SG are its parks. Seriously.

To some people,it's probably the malls, the shopping, Orchard area. Not for me. As much as I love being surrounded by gorgeous pieces up for grabs at Ngee Ann or Paragon, I would still choose any of the parks around Singapore on any given day.

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