Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rants on a Tuesday afternoon...

I got angry today.

In the almost four years that I've been with the company, today was the only day I got this angry.

Out of heavy frustration, I was on the verge of being nasty. The good thing was the other person was in another country and in another time zone. Haha!

Still, I fought very hard with myself not to write a nasty, emotional email on why this person would be the cause of my early death. Lol!

There have been major delays with a project I recently took on. The delays were understandable because of the deliverables needed for the project. What was making me furious was that this counterpart has no initiative to keep me updated on the status of the tasks assigned to their team.

Dear counterpart. Meet the word "pro-active." It might not save your life, but it might save your job. Harhar!

At one point, I turned to my team mate next to me to rant. "You know, I can choose not to care and I won't be on the brink of a cardiac arrest any time now." We just both laughed.

The thing is, borrowing Grace Coddingotn's line, "I care about what I do. I do, or I still won't be doing it."

Maybe tomorrow would be a better day. Maybe tomorrow that person would already have been replaced. Lol! In that aspect, I couldn't be bothered and I couldn't care less.

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