Monday, August 4, 2014

Uneventful Monday, yay....

Quite uneventful Monday.

The day (or the week) started at 530AM. I had a brief struggle to get out of bed. Haha! I finally got up at 540AM and rushed out before 6 to head to the gym.

I'm glad that I was able to drag myself out of bed for Body Combat. The usual teacher wasn't around. The substitute teacher was just as good. The best part was that there were only 8 of us in class. That gave everyone enough room to kick, punch and move all around. It is so much better than evening classes in which you have always have to look behind/beside you to make sure you don't kick someone.

I left the gym feeling very energised for the day/week.

As for the entire day, it just went by without much fuss. I should be grateful for that. Perhaps, it's because it is still a weekend in the US. Tomorrow is when all the emails will come in. Haha!

There's a slight issue I'm dealing with thanks to a vendor who's not performing very well. I've been tempted to write an angry email on so many occasions. I decided to just finish this one project first and afterwards, I will write a detailed email enumerating all the "what could have been better" items.

After work, it was either I head back and keep myself busy with something or do something else. I chose the latter. I met up with Mon and Richie for dinner and chit chat.

On the way home, I continued reading the Pulitzer winning novel "The Goldfinch." Hmm, the pace of the book is a bit slow. I was tempted to read something else, but I decided that I must finish it. (Great! I just saw news that Warner Bros acquired movie rights to the book. All the more reason for me to hurry up reading the book. Haha!)

When I got home about an hour ago, I just did my usual house chores. I'm just going to finish this post and then it's off to lalaland. Waking up early tomorrow for yoga.


  1. hola! from the coma called Breaking bad! hahaha, can I just say, I don't know for certain or at least how to pin point it, but you're way of writing now sounds more similar/reminiscent to your previous blog (in the PH). Like I said I don't know for certain, but the thought just came to mind while reading this entry hehehe. this is not to say it's better or worse to be clear, but i just sensed a shift in writing persona for some reason.

    1. hola, friend! hahaha! :) it does have that feel, doesn't it? maybe because i've been pushing myself to just write something everyday. i'm treating as some kind of exercise. hehe! i'm intrigued by what you wrote "shift in writing persona..." haha! :D

    2. once I pinpoint exactly what i was sensing from the difference in how the entry was written as compared to previous ones...but it just seemed how someone is walking at a steady pace and then suddenly skips in their walk. hmmm i guess its the tempo

    3. Oh okay, I see it now, there are more shorter sentences in this entry. The tempo is tat-tat-tat-tat as compared to maybe this entry where the tempo is more like tatatat-tattat-tatatat-tat-tat. do you see what i mean? lol. im being strange picking up on these things!! hahaha i blame being so immersed in breaking bad my antenna is highly attuned to the slight changes in life

    4. For that reason, we need to do Pump and Combat tomorrow night! Lol! :)

    5. hahaha of course! gage also does tuesdays body pump 850 i recall him saying last thurs - i might do that next week

    6. you're giving him hope. chos! ;P

  2. Thats frustrating. Buti nakakatawa kapa. Which is tama lang. Keber muna ��