Monday, August 18, 2014

Random lunch convos...

Over lunch last Saturday, the conversation with Jon and Tipz touched on the topic of people we date.

We were talking about a friend who was dating someone new and about another friend who also started dating someone new.

Somewhere along the discussion, I said, "I think I'd go for someone who's smart and I can converse with over someone who has a pretty face."

The statement was of course followed by a caveat - that the person still has to be pleasant looking. The person has to be someone I can present to my friends and maybe, even my family.

During lunch today, the conversation with my usual lunch kaki dwelled on the same topic as above. Only this time, the statement came from him.

He said, "I want someone I can connect with. Everything else is just a bonus."

Having heard this, I told him that I have the same thoughts. I said, "I don't know if it has something to do with maturity. But yeah, I do someone I can talk with and connect with rather than someone who has a very pretty face and nice body."

This was then followed by, "I was going to say I wonder whether it has something to do with age. However, you and I both know that there are those in our age range who are still immature, while there are those who are still in their early twenties who have a more adult way of thinking."

So I'm guessing it is a level of maturity? Or maybe it's not even about maturity. It is about knowing what one wants.

We all have our own checklist of what we want in our partner. I guess this is true. After PG Boy and after the first ex, I would evaluate my checklist and see if any of the things on my checklist needed to be revised or updated. I would find that there are a few characteristics that I would want to remove or add.

Edit as we move on along the way. Hehe!

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