Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Boys in the Band at Alliance Francaise...

My plans for Friday night were just to attend the Body Pump and Body Combat classes at Cathay. Since I missed the Thursday night routine with Tipz, I was decided to hit the gym to end the work week and officially start the weekend.

However, I woke up to a tweet mention from Orallyours saying that the off-Broadway production The Boys in the Band is playing this week at Alliance Francaise and that it is worth watching.

As soon as I got to work in the morning, I messaged both Tipz and Richie and so the scrambling for tickets began. Haha!

I went to the Sistic website to check for tix. At first, I thought that tickets were already sold out because I couldn't get the site to work. (It turns out there was a bug in the morning).

Close to noontime, I received a message from Richie - a photo of our tickets for the Friday night 8PM show. Yay!

It was my first time to watch a production at Alliance Francaise. I didn't even know they have their own theatre. It was a small theatre which was quite suited for the production. The cast didn't have their individual mice (I think) so it was definitely impressive how they were able to project their voice into the somewhat huge space. The production design was very simple. There were no stage changes. But it worked. The setting felt like watching a play at a university. The difference was in the actors. We were watching professional actors, who I'm guessing have had extensive theatre experience. How they managed to remember close to two hours worth of script and with no intermissions, I have no idea!

The story itself was amusing and entertaining! It was very close to home since it talked about topics that my evening companions and I could relate to. There were a lot of laugh out loud moments, but there were also the shift to a more serious tone. Google The Boys in the Band for the summary.

The Boys in the Band was certainly the better way to end the work week and to start the weekend, rather than hitting the gym. Haha! It's a very good thing that Orallyours alerted us about the production. Otherwise, we wouldn't know about it. I'm really glad that he keeps me informed about all the productions that are currently playing in town. It's great to know a fellow theatre lover. Haha! Thank you, Orallyours!

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