Sunday, August 17, 2014

Same reservoir, different trail...

The morning walk today proved my though that Mr. Lim and I have covered all possible trails at Macritchie Reservoir.

Initially, Mr. Lim suggested we do a new trail that he hasn't done before. His message said, "Let's get lost with this new trail." The words "Let's get lost..." didn't settle very well with me as I only prepared for a half-day walk today.

Still tired from last night and with a bunch of errands to do, I told Mr. Lim that I had to be home by 1PM.

Thankfully, he had another trail in mind.

From our usual breakkie place, we drove over to Bukit Brown cemetery. I thought we had to go to walk again within the cemetery. The idea again didn't sit very well with me as it is Hungry Ghost month. Haha!

Turns out we would just park at the usual parking area and from there, cross over to the side of the Singapore Island Country Club.

The trail we took this morning leads to Jelutong Tower, which I have not been to.

I must say that this trail is one of my favourites because at one point, I was able to have two beautiful sceneries at the same time.

To the left, it was the well-manicured fairways and greens of the SICC. Immediately to the right is the natural, wonderful landscape created by God or Mother Nature or some higher being.

It was a really lovely view.

The walk to Jelutong Tower was close to 3 kilometres. Upon reaching the tower, we stayed for a few minutes and just enjoyed the fresh air and the surrounding natural beauty.

Whoever said Singapore is all towering condominiums and skyscrapers is definitely wrong. Hehe!

If I wasn't so tired from Saturday's activities, I would have continued with our nature walk to HSBC Tree Top. It was just 1.4 kilometres from Jelutong Tower.

However, it was already close to 11. Thankfully, Mr. Lim agreed when I suggested that we start heading back to his car. We just agreed that we will set aside a day for a much longer walk.

I have to organise one nature walk for the guys. I should bring them to the HSBC Tree Top Walk one of these days...

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